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Navy Needs More Fleets, More Ships to Deter China ASCF REPORT 12.7.20
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Beyond the Wild Blue Yonder CAPSTONES 11.30.20
Super Friends LANDING ZONE 11.18.20
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China Hacks and Harvests America’s IP  ASCF REPORT, 11.2.20
Shrinking Bomber Fleet LANDING ZONE 10.19.20
Learning from History and Each Other PROJECT FORTRESS 10.12.20
Addressing Our “Made in China” Problems CAPSTONES 10.1.20
A Port Partnership ASCF REPORT 10.1.20
United We Stand or Separated We Survive? AMERICAN LEGION MAGAZINE 10.1.20
Defending Taiwan and Deterring China REAL CLEAR DEFENSE & NATIONAL INTEREST 9.15.20
5Geopolitics LANDING ZONE 9.15.20
Pledge Drive PROJECT FORTRESS 9.11.20 and THE FEDERALIST 9.9.20
A Storm and a Struggle for the Sea
The China Challenge LANDING ZONE 8.18.20
A Writer, a Scientist and a Football Fan PROJECT FORTRESS 8.12.20
Hard Problems and Hard Power ASCF REPORT 8.4.20
The World Finally Sees Xi’s China as It Is PROVIDENCE 7.31.20
Preventing the Next War CAPSTONES 7.27.20
Building a More Perfect Union
Mobs and Monuments PROVIDENCE 7.15.20
Tunnel Vision
And Then There Were Six
Time to Rise to the China Challenge
The Good Old Days
Helping Hands during the Coronavirus Crisis
The Danger of Deferring to Experts PROJECT FORTRESS 6.8.20
COVID19’s Other Costs ASCF REPORT 6.1.20
Dark Clouds, Silver Linings AMERICAN LEGION MAGAZINE 6.1.20
Xi’s Regime Recasts China as the Good Samaritan PROVIDENCE 5.21.20
A Navy for Tomorrow LANDING ZONE 5.18.20
Football and the Future BOILED SPORTS 5.9.20
A Roadmap to Normalcy PROJECT FORTRESS 5.7.20
Securing the Supply Lines ASCF REPORT 5.1.20
Blame Xi Jinping’s Regime for Mishandling OF COVID19 PROVIDENCE 4.24.20
Nonprofit and Business Sectors Rise to the Challenge PROJECT FORTRESS 4.23.20
The Reckoning LANDING ZONE 4.21.20
Churches, Charities Businesses Rise to the Challenge INSTITUTE ON RELIGION & DEMOCRACY 4.21.20
Lessons in Afghanistan
Lessons Learned, Relearned and Unlearned in Afghanistan PROVIDENCE 4.6.20
Hard Ball and a Soft Landing ASCF REPORT 4.1.20
After the Storm, Repairing the Roof PROJECT FORTRESS 3.26.20
Indiana Climbing in Economic Freedom Rankings CENTER SQUARE 3.17.20
NATO Finally Waking Up, Trying to Deter Russia PROVIDENCE 3.11.20
Shock Value LANDING ZONE 3.6.20
Retreat, Return, Repeat REAL CLEAR DEFENSE 3.9.20
Reagan's Real Record ASCF REPORT 3.1.20
A God of His Word LOOKOUT 3.1.20
Black and White—and Gray CAPSTONES 2.21.20
What's in a (Code)name? LANDING ZONE 2.18.20
Personal Paydays for Public Service PROJECT FORTRESS 2.12.20
Gray Matter ASCF REPORT 2.1.20
Weighing the Soleimani Strike LANDING ZONE 1.22.20
A 20/20 Snapshot of 2020 BOILED SPORTS 1.15.20
America’s Insurance Policy CAPSTONES 1.15.20
Postwar Alliance System a Good Deal for America REAL CLEAR DEFENSE 1.9.20
China’s Anti-Ship Missile Challenge ASCF REPORT 1.1.20


Mexico's Cartel Crisis -- and Ours LANDING ZONE 12.20.19
Protecting the Republic ASCF REPORT 12.1.19
The great reversal LANDING ZONE 11.18.19
Green Lights and Red Lines PROVIDENCE 11.6.19
From Doubt to Deterrence ASCF REPORT 11.1.19
Not the End of History AMERICAN LEGION MAGAZINE 11.1.19
Moral Implications of the Trump-Zelensky Phone Call PROVIDENCE 10.29.19
Dangers of the drone age LANDING ZONE 10.21.19
The World Watches Hong Kong AMERICAN LEGION MAGAZINE 10.1.19
In Defense of Foreign Aid AMERICAN LEGION MAGAZINE 10.1.19
Time to Stand with Hong Kong ASCF REPORT 10.1.19
AWOL Ambassadors? PROJECT FORTRESS 9.26.19
Can We Trust the Taliban? CAPSTONES 9.23.19
A military-industrial conflict LANDING ZONE 9.19.19
Here We Go Again and Again PROVIDENCE 9.10.19
A Threat of Our Own Making ASCF REPORT 9.1.19
A New Military Branch for the Final Frontier LANDING ZONE 8.13.19
Wrestling with Immigration PROJECT FORTRESS 8.8.19
Ugly Words and Horrific Events PROVIDENCE 8.7.19
Out of Order CAPSTONES 8.1.19
A Defense Budget for Cold War 2.0 ASCF REPORT 8.1.19
A New Golden Age?  BOILED SPORTS 8.1.19
The Apollo Program's Helpful Perspective  PROJECT FORTRESS 7.16.19
'Pompeo Doctrine' Sends Message to Manila and Beijing  LANDING ZONE 7.15.19
The Apollo Program and a New View of Creation PROVIDENCE 7.15.19
NATO 2.0 Retooling for Cold War 2.0 ASCF Report 7.2.19
The System Administrator is on Vacation Capstones 7.1.19
Taking Liberties American Legion Magazine 7.1.19
Our Half-Life Nation Stream 6.14.19
A Dangerous Either-Or Dilemma Landing Zone 6.11.19
A Recipe for Crisis and Chaos Project Fortress 6.10.19
A Dangerous Popularity Contest Providence 6.10.19
God’s Angel Armies Stream 6.5.19
Another Step for the Space Force
ASCF Report 6.1.19
Putin Makes Arctic Push Landing Zone 5.20.19
To Defend Freedom Abroad, We Need Freedom at Home ASCF Report 5.5.19
Trump's Tariff Gambit American Legion Magazine 5.1.19
NATO and the National Interest Landing Zone 4.9.19
Consequences of a Socialist Revival Project Fortress 4.8.19
Repeating a Mistake ASCF Report 4.1.19
On Good Authority Lookout 3.30.19
A Risky Exercise Capstones 3.28.19
Faith, Freedom, Foreign Policy and a Socialist Revival Providence 3.26.19
A Stalwart Ally in the Pacific Landing Zone 3.18.19
Wisdom in the Storm Project Fortress 3.8.19
Is Britain Back? ASCF Report 3.5.19
Post-Truth and Consequences Providence 3.1.19
The Great War's Lessons for Today Capstones 2.26.19
A Rescue of Weimar Venezuela? Landing Zone 2.14.19
A Founding Father's Fix For Troubled Times Project Fortress 2.11.19
Making the Case for Democracy Providence 2.8.19
Withdrawal Symptoms Providence 2.4.19
The Parable of the SS Dorchester Stream 2.3.19
The Decline of Democracy Providence 2.1.19
A Test in Taiwan ASCF Report 2.1.19
A Whittled Big Stick American Legion Magazine 2.1.19
Rescuing the Democratic Order Capstones 1.28.19
A Corroding Democratic Order Landing Zone 1.14.19
Seeking the Truth in a Post-Truth Age Project Fortress 1.8.19
Continuous Engagement in Cyberspace ASCF Report 1.1.19


State of the EFNA Network, Insight, 12.15.18
A Partnership of Democratic Nations, Landing Zone, 12.10.18
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Values to Bridge the Divide, Project Fortress, 11.9.18
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Leftovers and Lessons from the Great War, Providence, Autumn 2018
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Common Core, Providence, 9.26.18
Organ Failure, Providence, 9.25.18
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The Costs of a Broken Oath, Project Fortress, 9.6.18
Hostage Crisis in the Americas
, ASCF Report, 9.4.18
Friends in High Places, The American Legion Magazine, 9.1.18
Talking Turkey, Landing Zone, 8.15.18
A Clarifying Moment for the West, Project Fortress, 8.8.18
A Century Later, France Remembers, ASCF Report, 8.1.18
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Time to Support an Independent Kurdistan? Providence, 7.26.18 and Capstones 8.27.18
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One More Item for NATO’s To-Do List: The Arctic, Providence, 7.12.18
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U.S., Allies Defending Freedom of the Seas, ASCF Report, 7.1.18
Space Force or Farce? Providence, 6.25.18
Macedonia’s New Name, Providence, 6.21.18
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The Power of a Little Fear, Landing Zone, 6.12.18
Liberty and Security in the Cyber Age, Project Fortress, 6.8.18
Pompeo's Plan for Iran, ASCF Report, 6.1.18
Interests, Ideals and Summits, Providence, 5.30.18
Good Riddance to a Bad Deal, Capstones, 5.30.18
Four Steps to Smother the Chaos in Syria, Providence, 5.24.18
The Royal Wedding That'll Last and Eternity, Stream, 5.16.18
Forward Motion on Missile Defense, Landing Zone, 5.16.18
The Return to Reason, Providence, 5.9.18
A High Price, Project Fortress, 5.8.18
A Return to Reaganism, ASCF Report, 5.1.18
Next Steps in Syria, Capstones, 5.1.18
Our Reputation Precedes Us, byFaith, 4.23.18
An Unexpected Intersection, Project Fortress, 4.18.18
A Navy of Navies, Landing Zone, 4.16.18
What a Country, Providence, 4.2.18
NATO Should Stand with Britain, ASCF Report, 4.1.18
Policymakers Mull U.S. Space Corps, Capstones, 3.27.18
The Parable of the Pop Star, Stream, 3.27.18
An Embrace of Sovereignty, Landing Zone, 3.23.18
Trying Patience, Lookout, 3.17.18
The Storm Clouds of Crisis, Stream, 3.10.18 
Built to Last, The American Legion Magazine, 3.1.18
Messaging Moscow, ASCF Report, 3.1.18
Storm Clouds over Korea, Capstones, 2.26.18   
A Quarter-Century of War, Providence, 2.26.18
The Name Game, Landing Zone, 2.20.18
Pakistan: Pariah or Partner? Providence, 2.15.18
First Casualty of the Second Korean War? Providence, 2.7.18
Why Human Flourishing Happens Best in a Free Market, TIFWE, 2.6.18
The Preserve, Prepare and Persuade Doctrine, Capstones, 2.2.18
Monroe 2.0, Providence, 2.1.18
The Sacrifices of Sequestration, The American Legion Magazine, 2.1.18  
Our Friends in Pakistan, ASCF Report, 2.1.18
Can a Biblical Case Be Made for Free Markets? TIFWE, 1.25.18
Meager Words and Memories, Providence, 1.24.18   
The Free Market is Still the Best System to Meet Humanity's Needs, TIFWE, 1.23.18
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Inside Out Changes for the New Year, Stream, 1.6.18
Rare Opportunity for America, ASCF Report, 1.1.18
A Question of Intervention, The American Legion Magazine, 1.1.18
Tet, The American Legion Magazine, 1.1.18


EMP Threat 'as Real as the Sun,' The Landing Zone, 12.14.17
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Japan: A Helping Hand in the Pacific, Providence, 11.2.17
Pacific Partners, Capstones, 11.2.17
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Insurance against Mistakes, Miscalculation and Madmen, Providence, Summer 2017
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Preempting Preemption, Providence, 9.19.17
Putin's Russia: A Major Challenge, ASCF Report, 9.15.17
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America's Long War, Providence, 9.11.17
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Far from Civilized, Providence, 8.3.17
To Quarantine or Heal? Capstones, 8.3.17
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Does Character Still Count in a President? The Christian Post, 6.15.17
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Cutting Investments in Peace, Providence, 5.22.17
Frontlines or Sidelines for America's Values? Providence, 5.16.17
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Defending Interests and Ideals in Syria, Capstones, 5.9.17
Touching Him, The Stream, 5.2.17
Preventing a Blackout War, ASCF Report, 5.1.17
A Low Bar and High Stakes in Korea, Providence, 4.20.17
Our Melting Pot Military, The Landing Zone, 4.17.17
Counting the Costs in Syria, Providence, 4.10.17
Foreign Aid under Fire, Capstones, 4.5.17
A Shield for Faith, Providence, Winter 2017
Answering Moscow's Assault on Democracy, ASCF Report, 4.3.17
A Costly Education, Providence, 4.3.17
A Fearful Thing, Providence, 3.31.17
China and the Law of Unintended Consequences, Providence, 3.20.17
America's Military Is Losing Its Technology Edge, Landing Zone, 3.15.17
Order from Chaos? Capstones, 3.7.17
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Freedom of the Seas Is Not Free, Landing Zone, 2.15.17
Chaos Theory, Providence, 2.10.17
Layers of Defense, ASCF Report, 2.7.17
Politics, Motives and Prisoners, Providence, 2.3.17
A Darkening World, Capstones, 2.3.17
Contemplating the Unthinkable, ASCF Report, 2.2.17
Shrunken Shadows and Broken Oaths, Providence, 1.24.17
Spreading the Economic Freedom Message, Insight, 1.17.17
Not Alone in Iraq, Landing Zone, 1.17.17
The Role of Faith in Foreign Policy, byFaith, 1.9.17
A 21st-Century Fortress America? Capstones, 1.4.17
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Indicted by His Own Words, Providence, 12.30.16
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Land of the Free (and the Foolish), Capstones, 12.2.16
Living in a Post-Patriotic America, Providence, 12.1.16
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December 2016 Rapid Fire: B-21 Formally Named 'Raider'
Bearing the Burden, Providence, Fall 2016
A Thanksgiving List, byFaith, 11.21.16
Twenty-Five Years of Continuous Combat, The Landing Zone, 11.16.16
A Defensive Shield, Providence, 11.15.16
Freedom in Retreat, Capstones, 11.4.16
Rebuilding Missile Defense, ASCF Report, 11.1.16
November 2016 Rapid Fire: U.S.-Japan Alliance Deepens
A Nation at War, ASCF Report, 10.17.16
War of Words in Korea, The Landing Zone, 10.18.16
To Safeguard America's Interests, Capstones, 10.7.16
October 2016 Rapid Fire: Undermanned Air Force
Word Choice, Providence, 9.30.16
New Fronts, Old Lessons, Capstones, 9.23.16
A Baneful Foe, Providence, 9.19.16
A Credibility Crisis, ASCF Report, 9.16.16
Next Moves in the Pacific, The Landing Zone, 9.16.16
Freedom from Speech, byFaith, 9.14.16
Moral Hazard, Providence, Summer 2016
September 2016 Rapid Fire: Hard-Working Americans
The Church in the Information Age, byFaith, 8.29.16
Wrong Partners, Wrong Direction, Providence, 8.18.16
Our Friends in France, The Landing Zone, 8.16.16
Colors of Life, byFaith, 8.15.16
An Unparalleled Pariah, Providence, 8.12.16
Failed Coups and Failed Policies, Capstones, 8.8.16
Turning Point for NATO, ASCF Report, 8.4.16
A Scrambled and Schizophrenic Time, byFaith, 8.1.16
August 2016 Rapid Fire: Warplanes with Warpaint
An Unsettling Affinity for Autocracy, Providence, 7.21.16
Best Practices in Distributing and Promoting EFNA, Insight, 7.15.16
Time for Canada to Join Missile Defense Team, The Landing Zone, 7.11.16
Preparing for the End of the Kim Dynasty, ASCF Report, 7.5.16
Resourcing the Rebalance, Military Officer, 7.1.16
The Costs of Inaction, Capstones, 7.1.16
July 2016 Rapid Fire: White House Wealth
Longing for Peace amidst a Long War, Providence, 6.28.16
Finding the Balance, The Military Chaplain, Summer 2016
The Lesson and Life, The Lookout, 6.19.16
NATO Returns to Deterrence, Capstones, 6.15.16
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The Tide of War Returns, ASCF Report, 6.13.16
What NATO Is For, The American Thinker, 6.9.16
When History Tipped toward Freedom, Providence, 6.6.16
A Banner for the Nations: Preserving the Nation-State System, Providence, Spring 2016
June 2016 Rapid Fire: Fighter Pilot Shortage
'D' for Democracy, ASCF Report, 5.31.16
A Sad Speech, Providence, 5.27.16
Corporate Responsibility and Individual Morality, byFaith, 5.25.16
Diminishing Capacity=Diminishing Capability, The Landing Zone, 5.17.16
A Friend of Freedom Heads Home, Providence, 5.6.16
Finding God's Fingerprints, byFaith, 5.2.16
Time to Stop Outsourcing the Space Program, Capstones, 5.2.16
May 2016 Rapid Fire: Leatherneck Legacy, 5.1.16
What Works and What Doesn't, Providence, 4.27.16
Flirting with Darkness? byFaith, 4.20.16
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News Flash: We're at War (Still), Providence, 4.18.16
The Narrowing Technology Gap, ASCF Report, 4.13.16
Consequences of a Hamstrung Air War, Providence, 4.5.16
The Unrealistic Realists, Capstones, 4.4.16
Mission Statements, The American Legion Magazine, 4.1.16
Escobar 2.0, The American Legion Magazine, 4.1.16
April 2016 Rapid Fire: The Islamic State's Toll on Iraq
The Trump Show, Providence, 3.21.16
An Assault on U.S. Interests and Ideals, ASCF Report, 3.15.16
No More Asterisks in NATO, The Landing Zone, 3.14.16
Old Doctrines for a New Domain, Providence, 3.7.16
March 2016 Rapid Fire: For the Republique
Cold Front, Capstones, 3.1.16
Erasing Christianity in the Middle East, Providence, 2.17.16
The Burdens of Coalition Warfare, The Landing Zone, 2.11.16
Reagan on Rushmore? ASCF Report, 2.5.16
Nervous Systems, Capstones, 2.3.16
No To Be Trusted, The American Legion Magazine, 2.1.16
February 2016 Rapid Fire: Bracing for Dogfights
A Tortured Debate, byFaith, 1.20.16
Wearied by Democracy, Providence, 1.19.16
From Desert Storm to Desert Drizzle, The Landing Zone, 1.15.16
Testing Times in Taiwan, ASCF Report, 1.11.16
Word Games, Capstones, 1.6.16    
January 2016 Rapid Fire: Congress Eyes New Missile Defense Base
The Full Measure of Freedom, American Outlook, Winter 2015/2016


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December 2015 Rapid Fire: Airborne Laser Reborn
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Smothering Religious Freedom, byFaith, 10.21.15
Shield and Sword: The Case for Deterrence, Providence, Fall 2015
November 2015 Rapid Fire: Carrier Gap in the Gulf
Democracy on the Defensive, The Landing Zone, 10.15.15
October 2015 Rapid Fire: Moscow Targets Civil Society Groups
Tied in Knots, byFaith, 10.1.15
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An Army of Conscience, Capstones, 9.29.15
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National Unity and National Security, The Landing Zone, 9.10.15
First Responder and Last Line of Defense, Capstones, 9.8.15
September 2015 Rapid Fire: Bankrolling Bashar
Retreating into a Reactive Crouch, ASCF Report, 9.1.15
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Devoid of Conscience, byFaith, 8.24.15
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August 2015 Rapid Fire: Cold Winds in Europe
Peacekeepers, The American Legion Magazine, 8.1.15
Terrorists, Tyrants and Treaties, ASCF Report, 7.31.15
After the Iran Deal: Bracing for the Worst, Capstones, 7.24.15
A Regime that Cannot Be Trusted
, The American Thinker, 7.19.15
China: 'Battle Ready' in the Not-So-Pacific, The Landing Zone, 7.15.15
NATO Needs to Invest in the Common Defense, The American Thinker, 7.10.15
NATO: One for All or All for One? Capstones, 7.8.15
Department of Defense Attorneys, ASCF Report, 7.1.15
July 2015 Living Well: Tech Devices Linked to Sleep Loss
Dads, Duty and Dreams, byFaith, 6.18.15
Insurance against Mistakes and Madmen, The Landing Zone, 6.17.15
In Defense of Missile Defense, The American Thinker, 6.15.15
States of Emergency, ASCF Report, 6.2.15
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June 2015 Rapid Fire: Highway to the Homeland
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May 2015 Rapid Fire: Great Wall of Saudi Arabia
In Praise of (Good) Judgment, byFaith, 4.27.15
Triaging the Middle East, Capstones, 4.27.15
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Truths of Jesus' First Words, byFaith, 4.15.15
Air Apparent, The American Legion Magazine, 4.1.15
April 2015 Rapid Fire: Top Middle East Militaries
The World's No. 1 Enemy, The American Legion Magazine, 4.1.15
System Administrator, Capstones, 3.30.15
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The Problem of Foreign Policy, Capstones, 3.3.15
Harsh Headlines, ASCF Report, 3.2.15
Truth or Consequences, The American Legion Magazine, 3.1.15
Cybersecurity Challenges for Canada and the United States, Fraser Institute Report, 3.1.15
March 2015 Rapid Fire: Last Hurrah for the A-10?
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Valentine’s Day: Time to Show and Tell, byFaith, 2.12.15
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February 2015 Rapid Fire: Jihadists Back in Battle
A New Instrument of National Power, The Landing Zone, 1.21.15
Awareness without Action, Capstones, 1.9.15
Roe v. Wade Turns 42: Unhappy Birthday, byFaith, 1.8.15
A Great and Good Nation, ASCF Report, 1.5.15
Time to Get Real, NATO, The National Post, 1.5.15
January 2015 Rapid Fire: Operation Inherent Resolve


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